The platform that allows independent spirits producers to distribute their products themselves

The small producers of spirits often have difficulty to be known by the general public. Indeed, in front of the big brands, they do not find their place in the traditional distribution circuit.

The Drinks & Spirits solution changes this situation, to the delight of producers and distributors: it allows independent producers to distribute their products themselves to a large network of spirits distribution professionals, wholesalers, wine shops, cafés, hotels and restaurants in France, Europe and worldwide. 

The link between independent producers and distributors

Drinks & Spirits is a federation of independent producers and importers of spirits that connects European and international distributors directly to spirits producers. Due to its specialization in spirits, it allows authorized warehouse distributors to order under suspension of excise duty directly on the site.

The platform brings together a wide range of products: rum, liqueurs, gin, wine, whisky, cognac, mezcal, tequila and organic products.

Tools adapted to the expectations of independent producers

The Drinks & Spirits platform provides a set of tools for producers who wish to distribute their products themselves. It responds to the needs of different types of spirits distributors by offering producers the possibility to propose degressive rates according to the volume of orders.

The Drinks & Spirits solution includes a digital order-taking platform, a complete logistics solution, and the handling of all customs administration.

After registering for free on the platform, producers create their product sheets, set their prices and quantities, and add all the relevant information about their spirits and liqueurs. It is with pleasure that the Drinks & Spirits team accompanies each producer in the management and in the daily life of their store, starting with its creation.

Drinks & Spirits, on the dealer side

The Drinks & Spirits purchasing platform is only for professionals of the spirits distribution, in France and abroad. They can buy products online, directly from producers, without any intermediary.

The advantages are numerous: the platform allows them to order products from several producers with no minimum order and taking advantage of common carriage. Moreover, as Drinks & Spirits is specialized in spirits, distributors can order under suspension of excise duties and thus optimize their cash flow.

Moreover, the DKS-PREMIUM Drinks & Spirits option allows French distributors to make mixed orders from different producers with a common carriage fee of 300 € HT.

The ambitions of Drinks & Spirits

Drinks & Spirits' ambition is to become the leading B2B platform for ordering spirits in Europe. To achieve its goal, it wants to expand the number of distributors connected to the platform, as well as its portfolio of independent producers. The company would also like to create a new category that would gather importers of unique products.

About Drinks & Spirits

Drinks & Spirits was founded by Loïc Boulanger and Barthélémy Asselin. The project was born in Martinique, following a reflection on what digital could bring to the historical distribution methods.

While talking to rum producers, Loïc and Barthélemy realized that some producers who did not produce enough to interest traditional distribution networks had no solution to propose or introduce their products to French distributors.

The entrepreneurs then interviewed distribution professionals, who said they were looking for these "little nuggets" that were difficult to access.

Loïc and Barthémély, who have worked in the digital and rum industries, decided to create tools that would allow producers to distribute their products themselves, by freeing themselves from distribution intermediaries.

Originally, they thought their solution would only be of interest to small producers, but soon after its launch in January 2021, they realized its potential was broader: one of their first clients was indeed one of the largest rum producers in Guadeloupe.

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